Two scope sizes, many procedures

The MyoSure system offers the choice of scopes in two sizes. These allow you to visualize—and as necessary, simultaneously treat—the intrauterine pathology. Each scope includes a working channel designed to accommodate the MyoSure tissue removal device as follows:


Scope Compatibility - 


Working channel diameter

Compatible MyoSure tissue removal devices

MyoSure scope



3 mm

The MyoSure LITE Device


The MyoSure device


The MyoSure REACH device


MyoSure XL scope

4 mm

The MyoSure LITE Device


The MyoSure device


The MyoSure REACH device

The MyoSure XL device


Clear visualization

The MyoSure hysteroscopes utilize rod lenses for visualization, providing a wide view of the uterine cavity and direct visualization of the tissue. So you can easily see the anatomy and guide the procedure from start to finish.

In addition, the scope is compatible with Metal-Halide and Xenon light sources with up to 300 watts of power. Adapters are available for connection to Storz, Olympus, Wolf and ACMI light sources.


Both the MyoSure and the MyoSure XL hysteroscope feature:

  • Seal design that helps prevent fluid splash.
  • Continuous flow with removable outflow channel.
  • Working length of 18.4 cm.
  • 0⁰ direction of view and 80⁰, as well as a wide view of the uterine cavity.
  • Operative O.D. of 6 mm and 7 mm (XL), which minimizes dilation.
  • The flexibility to support multiple light source attachments.
Storage and reprocessing

The MyoSure sterilization instrument tray allows you to properly store and reprocess the MyoSure hysteroscope, ensuring that the scope and removable outflow channel are kept immobile to prevent damage.*

The tray offers:


The instrument tray is compatible with the following sterilization systems:

  • Steam pre-vacuum sterilization (pre-vacuum autoclave).
  • Steam gravity displacement sterilization (gravity autoclave).
  • STERRAD® 100STM system.

*For complete sterilization parameters, please consult the MyoSure Cleaning and Reprocessing Instructions.


MyoSure hysteroscope specifications



Effective outer diameter

Working channel of hysteroscope

Outflow channel inner diameter



(19 Fr.)


(9 Fr.)


(7 Fr.)

MyoSure XL


(22 Fr.)


(12 Fr.)


(8 Fr.)