MyoSure Physician Online Training Modules

For a close look at the technology, application, assembly and operation, we offer a comprehensive menu of online training modules on the following:

• The MyoSure technology and mechanism of action.
• Animated demonstration of the MyoSure uterine fibroid removal procedure.
MyoSure tissue removal procedure case videos.
• Fundamentals of fluid management and the Aquilex fluid control system.
• Troubleshooting the MyoSure procedure and special cases.


Visit the training site to register for module access. 

MyoSure Physician Hands-on Training

During our hands-on workshop program, training experts provide a simulation experience depicting the MyoSure procedure for the removal of fibroids and polyps. The workshops focus on the variety of pathology you may encounter, as well as insights into the dynamic fluid management environment and troubleshooting techniques.

First-time MyoSure users
Hologic Medical Education has created a workshop specifically for first-time MyoSure users. The Polly™  Hands-on Training Model, offers:

• Demonstration of the MyoSure cutting technique.
• Tactile feedback of an actual myomectomy.
• Exposure to the use of the MyoSure device in a realistic setting that includes the Aquilex fluid control system and the Olive hysteroscope.

In-depth instruction

For more in-depth instruction, take advantage of the GyneSim hysteroscopic simulator program. A Program Facilitator experienced in both the simulator technology and the MyoSure system will conduct this hands-on workshop. Training and education includes:

• Presentation of 8 different cases with increasing difficulty.
• Simulation of the complete MyoSure tissue removal procedure, including training to handle complications and troubleshooting.
• Virtual pump interface, which provides fluid management training on different pumps.
• A simulated wall suction control.
• Advanced training, including challenging uteri, difficult pathology locations and complicated pathologies.
• Optional presentation on the MyoSure tissue removal system and/or the Aquilex fluid control system based on your facilities and requirements.

Contact your local Hologic representative to schedule a hands-on training event.