You're in good company

One study shows that over 97% of women who have had the MyoSure procedure performed are likely to recommend the procedure to a friend.1

Preserve what matters most

The MyoSure tissue removal procedure is a convenient treatment that targets and removes fibroids and polyps. That means that you could finally get relief of your abnormal uterine bleeding symptoms—without a major surgery. If you would like to have children in the future, then the MyoSure procedure may be a treatment option for you.


Benefits and risks of the procedure

The MyoSure procedure is typically done on an outpatient basis; you can return home the same day. With any medical procedure, there are potential risks to consider and discuss with your doctor when making your treatment decision.

Here for you each step of the way

We have provided additional resources to help you better understand fibroids and polyps, potential treatment options, and the MyoSure system.  This information, while helpful, should not take the place of your physician’s advice about your own specific healthcare needs.